How did LPD start? Well, Whaaa ha happened was…..  I created a cover for myself. I’m a mom of 2 & a wife as well as working seasonally on a farm, training horses for the derby’s around the world… as you can imaging I heavily RELY on my planner for school il_570xN.989279132_nww0activities, hubs scheduling, meal planning as well as meetings, feed schedules, airport departures & arrivals & a zillion other things. I had a planner band around my Erin Condren Life Planner ( <- click on that for $10 off your 1st purchase), to keep the pages from flying around, while zooming around 5000+ acres on my John Deer Gator, BUT it just was not enough to keep them from being blown & creased (cause if your planner gets a crease you have to get a new one, lol) or from miscellaneous notes being lost or flying away. As I was visiting the Target Dollar Spot one day, I saw that cute aqua polka dot expandable folder. That’s where the vision was born… In target… figures right?!?!? Unfortunately the material on that folder was not heavy enough, so I started researching other options, here we are. The Original Frosted Wrap cover was born, followed by the ‘Perfect Pen Loop’ & NOW a bright, FUN selection of planner items! Thank you for believing in my dream!
<3 & Blessings Lauren

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