Minimal Glass Pencil Board with White Tab Tape Guides


Minimal Glass Pencil Board with White Tab Tape Guides in 18 sizes, a tool ALL planners, crafters and tabbers need!



Minimal Glass Pencil Board with White Tab Tape Guides in 18 sizes, a tool ALL planners, crafters and tabbers need!
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Specifically designed with the LPD Tab Tape in mind, this NEW tool makes it easy to place your tabs on any page in your book, measure out your spreads, see your plans (since it’s transparent) and write on, preventing page damage! The design features minimal disruption from your aesthetic with a soft white silkscreen design & I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out! The classic LPD scalloped top is meant to peak out the top of your weeks sized book to make flipping to your favorite page a snap.

Use in your bound books or now carefully punched for rings, coils & disc bound systems! Each Pencil Board is made of thick transparent material and details are printed in White silkscreen. A protective backing can be found on all pencil boards, remember to peel before use. This listing is for one physical, silkscreen printed pencil board.

Notebook and Ring sizes are .7mm PVC material, Notebook sizes are solid with no punches, ring sizes are pre-perforated for holes to easily be removed once protective film has been removed. .
Coil and Disc sizes are .4mm Acetate Material, discs are punched with 4mm shaft punch, coils are punched with a 4:1 pitch ratio and are not slit but can be slit with scissors.

LPD is not affiliated with any brand. No codes accepted on manufactured items, orders that use codes will be cancelled and refunded. Pricing may fluctuate based on inflated shipping costs associated with Covid-19 and the impacts to manufactured production.

**Please note the Acetate/PVC material, though acid free, in some cases and weather factors, foil detail can flake or be worn off with use or transfer to items that are placed on foil surface. These situations are considered a wear and tear situation and will not merit a replacement, though if you have an unusual circumstance please contact me immediately.

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